Overview - Antique Clock Restoration


UPDTE May 2021 - I have retired and no longer restore antique clocks or purchase them. Thank you.

* * * * * * *

A member of the NAWCC since 1972, I began restoring clocks in Chicago, as an adjunct to my custom picture framing business ...

Several framing customers asked me to restore their antique frames and eventually their antique clock cases. And then one day, a gentleman from the "olde country" walked into my shop. In his broken English, he said simply that he could "fix clocks" and "need job." He was hired.

I caught the bug. I became fascinated with the mechanisms, and my apprenticeship became a passion. Imagine working on a clock built at the time of Paul Revere ... taking it apart, figuring out how it works and how to fix it, and then putting it back together again — successfully! It's been said that I have the patience of Job.

So now I had the two pieces of the puzzle — both in my ability to restore the cases and repair the mechanisms. Antique Clock Restoration was born.

I am dedicated to olde world craftsmanship, taking the time (yes, that's a pun) to "get it right." My restorations remain true to the original — I take the time to preserve each clock's originality and character.

* * * * * * *

Olde world craftsmanship is apparent in each restoration, backed by more than 41 years of experience. Don carefully restores each clock as true to the original as possible, including polishing the screws and fashioning new parts when necessary—both for the mechanisms and for the cases.

He doesn't attempt to make old clocks look new—that would be out of character to the clock. Instead, he strives to preserve each clock's originality and character.

Don's Services ...

  • European & American Clocks
  • Cleaning & Oiling
  • Mechanism Repair
  • Case Restoration
  • Local Pick-up, Delivery, & Set-up